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About Us

The knowledgeable team at Travel Adventures have made it their mission to help the Long Island area have the dream vacation they deserve. We believe everyone should be able to have a great vacation that’s affordable and stress free. That is why our travel agents go to great lengths to find the best deals on all-inclusive resorts around the world to help you save money and get everything planned at once. Contact us today find out more!

Why We Are Different

Your Own Dedicated Support Agent

We want to help you plan the perfect vacation, and the imagination never sleeps. That’s why we are at your disposal whenever you need us! Call in anytime to learn more, have your questions answered, or just to brainstorm your travel options.

Accountable & Committed

We work tirelessly to make our trips the best they can be for our clients. While some companies might just take your payment information, email you a printable boarding pass, and then never talk to you again- we want to hear about your trip! We’ll keep in-touch before you pack your bags, when you’re at your destination, and even after you’ve traveled back home. We’re not having a good time unless you’re having a good time!

A Network of Travel Partners

With 40+ years of experience in travel services, we’ve made a few friends in the industry. When you book a vacation with Travel Adventures, you’ll have access to our extensive network of dozens of travel partners, including Sandals Resorts, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, and many more.

Our Partners